Updates and photos from Green Acres in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

Just want to give you a heads up. Green Acres will re - open after mud season on Thursday May 9. We will be open 7 days a week 7 - 3. We have been working hard to make things exciting for our customers when you return. But that will have to wait. I am headed on vacation with my mom and my daughter for 10 days and am so excited to make memories with them. The older I get the more it seems that family time is harder to plan but means the most. Wishing everyone a dry mud season and can't wait to see you in May. Sharing with you my favorite picture that I took of the eclipse. It almost made me feel like it is a new day and anything is possible.


You heard it right Pittsburg. Green acres will be selling fudge when we reopen for the season on May 9. We are wondering what your favorite fudge flavor is? Please take a minute and let us know.


What a great experience we had this week in Pittsburg. Thank you to the Green Acres staff for working so hard and making it a great weekend for our business.❤️ Thank you to our amazing customers for coming out in droves and for all the love.🥰 Thank you to God for reminding us that there is so much greater than us. Thank you to all the service workers both local and from afar who provided a safe and orderly weekend for everyone. It is wonderful to have experienced something that brought so many people together for a common goal.


Eclipse day is finally here!! Green Acres is open until 11 AM this morning. If you ordered cinnamon buns please pick them up before 11 AM. We are making breakfast this morning


This is why I do what I do. Today some wonderful customers drove all the way from Salsbury to come to pick up some goodies and arrived with these… warmed my heart ❤️ Full breakfast and lunch menu today. Look forward to seeing you!


Due to the fact that we have sold out of cinnamon buns for Sunday already, we will be opening for breakfast/cinnamon buns Monday April 8, 8-11. Please call to place your order for buns 603-538-9504 so you don’t miss out


Happy eclipse weekend from our crew to your crew



In preparation for your eclipse viewing party, come on by Green acres and stock up on some homemade goodies… Smoked baked beans, macaroni and cheese, broccoli salad, meat pie, shepherds pie, turkey pie, and a large variety of homemade baked goods. Remember, we are open for breakfast, lunch and pizza at night this weekend. Get your orders in early. 603-538-9504 Don’t forget to pick up one of our newest designed long sleeved t-shirts


One thing I always forget to do is let everyone know that we have GLUTEN FREE options at our store. Our breakfast sandwiches are available on a delicious gluten free roll or you could get a breakfast bowl which is gluten free. We usually have one or two treats that are gluten free in the store. Our lunches are all available gluten free on a roll or without the roll. And, our pizza is available on a gluten free crust. Open this weekend, Fri 7-7, Sat 7-7 and Sun 7-7 Look forward to seeing you