Kathy Meader

The heart and soul of the Green Acres Country Store. 

New Hampshire native, Kathy fell in love with the Great North Woods and the miracle of endless space above and around. Long before she started her business, she drew an evergreen tree with a dragonfly knowing that one day, her  dreams will come true here. 

She started her business with a “by the side of the road” farm stand, giving her neighbors a way to get fresh produce in an area where the growing season is so short that most don’t even plant a garden. This grew slowly from her selling potted herbs, potted flowering plants, homemade jams and jellies and fresh baked goods to the unique country store that stands today. 

Every day, she wakes up early to fill her store with the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns. She greets her customers and store visitors with open arms and a big smile. Her store became for many the familiar space filled with distinct fragrance. The kind of smell and feel that stirs the heart to remember the good we have in our lives. To recall meals made and served with utmost care because of love. Meals eaten at the table surrounded by family and friends, laughter and joy. To remember moments when we felt at peace and free. 

Kathy made her store a place where fishermen, hunters, the North Woods explorers young and old, resting families, local residents and all the special kinds of visitors can find home, a place to always return to. Here, you are never alone. At Green Acres, we not only serve food and sell country decor, we, firstly, share happiness. It's free. 

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